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Maximum safety comes only from combining the individual functions: needless to say, the Race full-face helmet achieves top performance in terms of impact absorption. Moreover, it also ensures that the wearer can concentrate fully on the road ahead and react at lightning speed: the extra-large visor with anti-fogging inner visor always permits a clear view even when the rider is crouched low over the fuel tank. The large spoiler ensures a stable, steady position even at speeds in excess of 300 km/h. On racing circuits or on a high-speed ride of any distance, this helmet sets the standard.

  • Full-face helmet, suitable for sport riders and race-circuit use.
  • Helmet shell made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic
    with carbon-fibre reinforcements, 2 sizes.
  • EPS inner shell made up of several sections.
  • Visor with large field of vision (even when rider stretched low over the tank),
    2D-curvature, scratchproof coating on both sides, anti-fogging inner visor supplied loose.
  • Including 1 set of tear-off films (4 of).
  • Extra visor locking button at side.
  • Large spoiler for maximum stability even at top speed.
  • Larger neck recess for race-position posture on the motorcycle.
  • Chin-strap with double-D buckle, neckbands to keep the helmet firmly in position
    on the rider’s head.
  • Helmet interior made of moisture-transporting Hydroplus, removable and washable.
  • Effective ventilation.
  • ECE 22-05 homologation.

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