BMW Motorrad Indonesia

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F 700 GS

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The F 700 GS: The GS Feeling for Everyone.

Carefree motorcycling fun for everyone! With the F700 GS. Its 75 bhp engine and outstanding handling make riding child’s play – on any terrain. Due to its low weight and many different seat variants from high to low-slung, it is also particularly suited to female riders and beginners as an ideal all-round enduro machine.

More technology for more safety.

Thanks to the Ride-by-Wire electronic control system, the rider can control acceleration and deceleration more easily. Operating the accelerator becomes physically easier, due to an elimination of the mechanical transmission. The Rain and Road riding modes are standard features. The additional Enduro mode is an optional accessory. With ABS as standard and ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) and ASC (Automatic Stability Control) as options, your ride will not just be safer, but also especially comfortable.

Choose your style.

You can adapt the F 700 GS to suit your personal preferences, with its two different basic colours and a style variant that includes a colour design with matching accessories.

As if it was made for you.

As usual, a wide range of options and special accessories are available for the F700 GS, allowing you to tailor your BMW to your individual preferences. This means you can create your own individual BMW.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”TECHNICAL DATA” tab_id=”b4e6347e-70b1-101da3-b8d9″][vc_column_text]

Type Water-cooled 4-stroke in-line two-cylinder engine, two overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder, dry sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 82 mm x 75.6 mm
Capacity 798 cc
Rated output 55 kW (75 hp) at 7,000 rpm
output reduction to 35 kW (48 hp) at 7,000 rpm
Max. torque 77 Nm at 5,500 rpm
output reduction: 60 Nm at 5,000 rpm
Compression ratio 12.0 : 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic intake pipe injection
Emission standard EU-4
Performance / fuel consumption
Maximum speed 192 km/h
Consumption w.r.t WMTC for 100km 4.3 l
Fuel type Premium unleaded, minimum octane rating 95 (RON)
Electrical system
Alternator three-phase alternator 400 W
Battery 12 V / 12 Ah, maintenance-free
Power transmission
Clutch Multiple-disc clutch in oil bath, mechanically operated
Gearbox Constant mesh 6-speed gearbox integrated into crankcase
Drive Endless O-ring chain with shock damping in rear wheel hub
Chassis / brakes
Frame Frame Tubular steel space frame, load-bearing engine
Front wheel location / suspension Telescopic fork, Ø 41 mm
Rear wheel location / suspension Cast aluminium dual swing arm, central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel front / rear 170 mm / 170 mm (suspension lowering kit 140 mm / 140 mm)
Wheelbase 1,557 mm (suspension lowering kit 1,573 mm)
Castor 95.3 mm (suspension lowering kit 103 mm)
Steering head angle 64°
Wheels Cast aluminium wheels
Rim, front 2.50-19 MTH2
Rim, rear 3.50-17 MTH2
Tyres, front 110/80-19
Tyres, rear 140/80-17
Brake, front Dual disc brake, diameter 300 mm, double-piston floating caliper, ABS
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 265 mm, single-piston floating caliper, ABS
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Dimensions / weights
Length 2,280 mm
Width (incl. mirrors) 880 mm
Height (excl. mirrors) 1,215 mm (Serial windshield)
Seat height, unladen weight 820 mm
Inner leg curve, unladen weight 1,810 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 1) 212 kg
Permitted total weight 436 kg (with lowered suspension 349 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 224 kg (suspension lowering kit 137 kg)
Usable tank volume 16 l
Reserve approx. 2.7 l

Technical data relate to the unladen weight (DIN)
1) According to Directive 93/93/EEC with all fluids, fuelled to at least 90% of usable fuel tank

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Vario cases

• Black plastic case and black plastic top case
• Capacity adjustable by moving bar
• Case capacity: approx. 28-38 l (right), approx. 19-29 l (left)
• Top case capacity: approx. 25-35 l
• Maximum load: 8 kg (per case), 5 kg (top case)
• Recommended maximum speed with case or top case: 160 km/h
• Optional: Inner liner for case and top case, backrest pad for Vario top case

Tank Rucksack

• Waterproof, high-functioning tank rucksack
• Coated, washable upper material made from durable nylon
• Precisely adjusted floor panel made from EVA with soft PU coating
• Capacities: approx. 12 l, expandable to approx. 17 l
• DIN A4 card slot, waterproof, with floor panel for e.g. mobile phone
• 2 storage compartments on sides, with splash protection
• Carry handle
• Optional: Vario insert for tank bag

Other storage solutions

• Enduro rear bag, approx. 2.5 l, for storing small parts and tools
• Softbag small, 31-36 l
• Luggage roll
• Tension strap
• Bungee-cord spider

Extended mudguard, rear

• Effective protection of the rear of the motorcycle from dirt by splash water, especially on wet and muddy roads
• Black plastic (polyamide PA6, grained)

LED indicators

• Sleek turn indicators with modern LED technology
• White turn indicator glass with 2 LEDs per indicator
• Greater safety in traffic with almost zero wear on the LEDs
• Significantly reduced electricity consumption

Akrapovič sport silencer

• Slip-on silencer for a sonorous sound and a great look
• Titanium jacket, stainless steel interior
• Silencer bracket and end cap made from carbon
• Weight: approx. 2.5 kg (weight saving compared to rest of series approx. 2.3 kg)
• Series-level power and torque
• With vehicle type approval (EU-ABE)

Windscreen variants

• Small tinted windscreen
• Large clear or tinted windscreen
• All variants with scratch-proof coating for long-lasting transparency and a high-quality look

Widened Enduro footrests

• Better hold and better vehicle control for off-road use and driving while standing
• Slip-proof stand due to material and shape of peg surface
• Width of peg: 5.0 cm (+ 0.9 cm compared to series)
• Length of peg: 8.4 cm (+ 0.3 cm compared to series)
• Stainless steel precision casting made from high-alloy stainless steel
• Unrestricted control of shift and footbrake lever (height of footrests identical)
• Optional: Rubber insert for more comfort

Navigator IV

• Bluetooth-capable GPS navigation device optimised for motorcycle use
• Available with or without (European) preinstalled cards
• Outstanding range of functions for simple motorcycle driving
• 4.3“ touchscreen, waterproof casing and petrol-resistant
• Integrated lithium ion battery (service life of up to 5 hours)
• Includes Advanced Mount Cradle with 4 additional controls
• Includes carry case
• Model-specific cradle

Bow-shaped hand guard

• Modular hand protector
• Closed loops made of high-strength aluminium
• Can be augmented with small or large hand protectors, and spoiler attachments for large hand protectors
• Protectors and spoiler attachments made from durable impact-resistant polyamide plastic in black

Engine protection bar

• Durable stainless steel engine protection bar
• Protects the engine against minor falls
• Weight: approx. 2.3 kg

Plastic bash plate

• Optimal protection of the engine against rock falls for light off-road use
• Shatterproof, UV-resistant plastic
• Weight: approx. 0.5 kg

Aluminium bash plate

• Durable aluminium protector (3 mm)
• Protects engine and exhaust manifold against stones and bumps in off-road sports riding
• Weight: approx. 1.6 kg

Headlight guard

• Protects headlights against flying stones in off-road use
• Snap lock system for quick and easy installation and removal.
• For off-road use only

Anti-theft alarm system with remote control

• Acoustic and optical warning signals triggered if the vehicle is moved or shaken
• Individual encoding of activation (automatically when turning off the ignition or by remote control)[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][/vc_tabs]BIKE CONFIGURATOR[/vc_column][/vc_row]